5 new features that brings iOS 10.3 to Apple devices

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Only a few days ago the official version of iOS 10.3 was released for all users of the brand’s mobile devices. This is the biggest update of the system before the expected iOS 11 is released in June .

The version of iOS 10.3 does not bring great changes, but some subtle variations that make it a very good update. Find out!

5 new features of iOS 10.3 to Apple devices

1. The profile ID of Apple

iOS 10.3 presents a new profile section in the tools menu, with all the data of the user’s account.

The information on your iCloud, iTunes, App Store and Family Sharing are now available in one place. In addition, you can find a list of devices connected to your different accounts.

2. Details of your storage in iCloud

If you are one of those who pay extra money for storage in iCloud, now you can see exactly how you are using your space with the new profile section of Apple. In it you will find a program that details how many GB you really use on your phone.

3. The weather report on your maps

Every time you look for a map on Apple Maps, you can see the temperature of the place. The iOS 10.3 update on Apple devices, added a small weather report on the bottom right of the screen, where you can press to open the application and have more information.

4. Find my AirPods

10.3 iOS has made the AirPods appear as one of Apple devices associated with your account. You just have to enter the App Search my iPhone and you will know its last location, so this new feature can save you time and money.

5. Compatibility status of Apps

Considering that there are always applications that have stopped updating and that make your phone a mess, in addition to affecting its operation, iOS 10.3 is making it easier to identify the culprits, directly from the tools menu . If you have Apps that are not compatible with the system, an arrow will appear indicating them.

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