9 Most Beautiful Music Fashion Bloggers of USA

9 Most Beautiful Music Fashion Bloggers of USA

Do you know about the globally famous multi-talented females of USA, who have expressed their knowledge & opinions in their blogs and actually showed how talented they are?

The following is a list of pure fashion and lifestyle bloggers, who have won the hearts of millions with their best fashion and indie music blogs:

  1. Amy Nicole Marietta

She is an influential content creator, a brand consultant, a model, a digital & social media strategist and a digital ambassador. Her talents have allowed her to work globally with brands like Nanette Lepore, Dolce & Gabana, Simon Malls, Starwood Hotels, Absolut and Uber. She has been featured in Nylon, Cosmopolitan and Glamour et-cetera. Her writing skills and beauty has allowed her to attract large amounts of audience.

  1. Carolyn Marie

Singer songwriter Carloyn Marie is already a superstar with her new music album- ‘Wanna Be Cool’, launching soon. She is not just a singer, but also an amazing dancer. There are many dances performed by Carolyn Marie, which is appreciated and loved by millions globally.

Her list of talents does not stop here because she is also a model for skin care & clothing brands and an avid blogger, with her blogs expressing her love for music, her knowledge of fashion and her simplicity in her lifestyle blogs. This 23-year old girl has won the hearts of millions with her web of talents and working hard to win more hearts soon with her latest music and dance video songs.

  1. Aleali May

She is a beautiful model, an image consultant and a first-class fashion blogger. Her career in fashion began with Louis Vuitton and RSVP Gallery Chicago, when she was studying in Columbia College Chicago in 2010. Since then, she has worked with brands like Nike, Adidas and Audi USA et-cetera. She loves to grab every opportunity that comes her way to create something creative and innovative.

  1. Allison Teng

She is an Asian-American, but born-n-raised in California girl, who has an adorable habit of shopping & loving everything. She is an amazing fashion blogger and started her blog, Curvy Girl Chic, in 2009 as a creative outlet. What started out as a platform for all plus-size and curvy girls with a love for beauty, shopping and fashion to connect together, turned into a destination for fashion lovers around the world, who are looking for style-inspiration, shopping & trend spotlights and about latest news on plus-size fashion. She has collaborated with various fashion brands like Forever 21, Simply Be, Bloomingdales, Mynt 1792 and many more.

  1. Amy Jackson

She is the creator of Fashion Jackson, an online venture which started out as a creative outlet from her corporate career and turned into a fulltime business. It is an online destination to inspire millions on smart-fun fashion and encourage her readers to imagine, inspire and impress. She states and I quote, “It is the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.” She has been featured in StyleCaster, Lauren Conrad, Elle & many more and has also been part of campaigns with Banana Republic, Ann Taylor and Neiman Marcus et-cetera.

  1. Caitie Schlisserman

She is a senior beauty editor of branded content at Clique Media Group with years of experience in fashion. She has experience in writing, sales, production, editorial, styling and blogging et-cetera. She has been part of groups like POSHGLAM, Queens of Vintage, STYLEdiary and VOGUELICIOUS et-cetera. Her talent in fashion enabled her to get promoted in just 1.5 years and head influencer campaigns. She believes to stay ahead of industry trends by always being creative and innovative.

  1. Chantal Van Der Meijden

She is the creator of the blog cocorosa, an online destination in which she documents all her daily inspirations, outfits and style musings. She is a freelance trend forecaster & a fashion designer and her love for fashion, photography and styling can be clearly seen in her blogs. She started her blog in New York and then it was only about her style musings and science fiction stories of Galactic Battle Stars and robotics, a dreamy world of tutu’s, silk pastels and glitters.

  1. Chriselle Lim

She started her career as a wardrobe stylist, but in the December of 2011, she launched her blog, The Chriselle Factor, which chronicled her personal style and daily musings. Through her YouTube channel, she aims to help millions to discover their beauty and give them the confidence to look & feel beautiful. She is the #1 Fashion Expert on YouTube with over 650k subscribers and 29 million viewers. Her goal is simple: Inspire, encourage and educate women all around the globe by giving away fashion tips & tricks, runaway trends, beauty secrets and her personal style. She has become one of the most influential fashion expert online.

  1. Courtney Trop

She started an online venture to express her personal outfit adventures, AlwaysJudging. Her blog is an inside-pocket about the world of fashion, street culture, food, travel, music and design; something different every day. She does not mind people judging her sense of fashion and the popularity of her blog shows how much the world loves her fashion sense. Her writing style is so diverse and pure that people fall in love with her, after reading her posts.

“Beauty is best expressed pure and simple”- Dhoundhu.

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