Access to Catia and all other Dassault Systems software soon free and online

Access to Catia and all other Dassault Systems software soon free and online


The date is not yet unveiled but “it happens”, promises Dassault Systems. Its software will be accessible to all on an online intermediation platform and their use will not be charged. The publisher will be compensated for transactions made on this “market place”, a private beta version has just been opened.

Digital transformation is also about digital. Software publisher Dassault Systems is setting up an online intermediation platform – a “market place” – in which all of its software, from Catia to Simulia via Solidworks, will be accessible by everyone for free. Only in the next step will it be necessary to take out the wallet.

What is CATIA? CATIA enables the creation of 3D parts, from 2D sketches, sheet metal, composites, molded, forged or tooling parts up to the definition of mechanical assemblies

Vice President and Business Development of the publisher, explains it concretely: “You do not have Catia, you go to our market place and you work on Catia in your browser, and it is not invoiced What you will buy will be the result of this work under Catia and the connection with manufacturers or other stakeholders on your project. “

What generate some excitement among distributors of Dassault products and perhaps in customers who pay € 15,000 license Catia. A spokesman for Dassault, following the initial publication of the article.

Pay the “platform transaction” and not the use of software

Still, the principle is clear: “The revenues will come from the transaction made on the platform and not software used on the platform,” said Bernard Charlès, the CEO of Dassault Systèmes, on the sidelines of a conference release, Tuesday, April 2 in Milan, during the event “Design in the age of experience” organized by the publisher.

No date has been specified by the manager.  For now, the platform of Dassault Systèmes remains embryonic. A private beta version of the market place was launched just three weeks ago. Confined to connecting designers and 3D printers, it brings together 200 Dassault Systèmes customers and 17 labs providing a 3D printing service, according to its project manager. With the free usage of Dassault system CATIA, you can train under FORT Computer Education Training center in Coimbatore.

The publisher is paid via a commission on the transaction between the designer and the 3D printer, paid by the latter.

Our entire range of software will be directly accessible

Beyond the simple connection, the role of Dassault Systèmes is to “take the digital model of the piece provided by the designer and generate a production order from a 3D printer. Behind this intermediation, there is the mastery of the digitized object, from its design to its use through its manufacture. It is on this historical know-how that the editor relies to correct, even optimize or enrich, the designs, ensure the feasibility of printing in a given material or on a particular machine, etc.

No reason to limit the valuation of this know-how to 3D printing. “The market place will integrate other manufacturing processes such as plastic injection molding, forming, machining, etc. “The market place will pass in public beta version at second half of 2019.” The next step will be to open up all the online – not billed – use of the publisher’s software. “Our entire range of software will be accessible directly”.

Change of economic model

It’s basically a change of economic model. “We no longer sell the tool, we make the tool available and we associate ourselves with the final result From the point of view of the user, you do not buy the tool, you buy the result of the tool “, details the leader. And to summarize: “It’s the digital transformation of the digital world, with the market place, we want to disrupt the world of software – we are included!”

This change in the economic model of the publisher will lead the transformation of its offer, made concrete in 2012 by the launch of its collaborative platform 3Dexperience. It is a unified environment that connects all its business software and their users around the same repository: the digital model of the product they are working on.

From the designer to the user through the manufacturer and the distributor, all the people involved in the product are potentially concerned. To this collaborative platform, the market place adds the connection and a base of e-commerce. In the key, for the publisher: to make its software standards, touch the “multitude” dear to digital and capture a greater share of the value of the industries it serves.


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