Best Rowing machine 2019 for the budget

Best Rowing machine 2019 for the budget

The rower is one of the best sports to keep in shape and effectively lose fat because it makes both the cardio and the muscles work! Choosing and buying the right device is not easy given the number of models on the market. Take a look of its benifits. From the cheap entry level to the powerful and reliable model, even luxury, what is the top of current rowers? Discover our selection and comparison of the best rowers 2019 (best sellers and value for money) according to your objectives and budget.

Which rower to choose according to its objectives and budget?

The choice of a rower depends primarily on the objective (sports training, fitness, physical maintenance, weight loss, rehabilitation, etc.), the intended use (casual, regular, intensive, multi-people ), and the budget that we are ready to devote to it. There are indeed in the trade devices at all prices. From the entry level around € 150 to € 300 at the very high end or luxury exceeding 2,500 and more, the range is wide.

Our goal was primarily to offer devices based on a given budget, hence our ranking in 3 categories of devices:

  • Entry level rowers: for occasional use and beginners
  • The rowers of medium range: for a regular use to intensive 
  • The rowers high-end: for intensive use and / or professional

Read full article about these three types.


To propose a rower to less than 300 € in our comparisons is a difficult exercise since we only wish to propose quality apparatuses and if possible of known brands. The SportPlus SP-MR-008 caught our attention for its good value. This low end rower is a great start or occasional workout. Its 8-level manually adjustable magnetic brake system is quiet, as is its seat. The latter is mounted on ball bearings. It does not stuck and slides well. The rail is made of aluminum. The device is equipped with a console displaying essential information (time, distance, cadence, calories burned). It incorporates a heart rate sensor (belt not supplied). His pedals are slip resistant with straps. The device has level compensators and is foldable for easy storage and space saving. This rower is suitable for people up to 1 m 85 or 150 kg. We are dealing with a good device for this price. We appreciate the sliding seat without creak and the silent magnetic brake. The resistance is however a little weak for people already well trained but is suitable for a basic training, the maintenance of the form or the loss of weight.

Strong points :

  • Value for money
  • Quiet
  • pliable
  • Ball rolling

To improve :

  • Maximum resistance a bit low

MOOVYOO-Racing Power II

Here is a mid-range rower that stands out! Its dual brake (magnetic + air) combines silence with medium intensity and high intensity power. Its 16 resistance levels offer high accuracy and power from 30 to 300 W! Its 10-function console offers 43 programs (including split, FC control to optimize fat loss, fitness test, games) and allows family use (4 user profiles memorizable!). It is robust, powerful, stable (wide feet) and silent with its aluminum beam, a comfortable seat on ball bearings and foot pegs with straps and adjustable height. Foldable, it stores easily (50% space saving). 

Strong points :

  • Air and magnetic mixed braking
  • 43 programs
  • Multi-user
  • pliable
  • Heart belt offered
  • Fan

To improve :

  • Improved ground adhesion


This rowing machine with central draft and air brake caught our attention for its excellent quality / price ratio. It is at once beautiful, robust, stable, comfortable and complete. It folds in a movement for vertical storage. Its lightweight aluminum rail and a comfortable wheeled seat provide smooth movement. The braking force is proportional to the pulling force. The intensity is also adjustable on 5 levels. The device has an adjustable console, 20 programs (excellent!), Footrest with adjustable straps for good stability. The console displays the total number of movements, power developed, calories burned, cadence rate. Guaranteed 10 years.
 A quality device comfortable and powerful for a price more than reasonable. It is noisier than a magnetic braking system or water but we can not have everything for this price! Still we have best rowing machine at low budget.

Strong points :

  • Value for money
  • Comfort
  • Number of programs
  • Small footprint when folded

To improve :

  • Braking system a little noisy


This ecological rowing machine with a central draw made in a traditional way will seduce you with its exceptional comfort of use and its design which fits perfectly into your interior. Its frame is in solid ash wood specially selected from the best species from renewable sources and certified by the AHMI label. It works with self-regulating water resistance (the force increases proportionally to the speed) and adjustable by adding or removing water into the tank. The water mechanism allows to find the sensations of rowing, a great fluidity of movement and an incomparable silence if not the soft rippling water. It is equipped with an ergonomic and comfortable (padded) seat sliding on an aluminum monorail and a very simple monitor. use (displays distance, time, intensity and cadence). It is easily stored in a vertical position where it occupies less space than a chair (note that it is 30 cm shorter than traditional rowers).

Strong points

  • Exceptional design and comfort, rowing sensation
  • Ecological
  • Very quiet
  • Water brake
  • Ultra simplified console
  • Compact

To improve

  • No pulse measurement
  • No programs


A world reference for professionals, the Concept2 equips most rowing clubs, sports halls, military establishments and firefighters. This is the apparatus used in the French indoor rowing championships. His excellence is well established and his performances are currently the best on the market! It is sturdy (220kg in user weight!), Powerful, comfortable, fluid and with great stability reinforced by non-slip feet for perfect ground grip (weak point of most rowers). Its advanced PM5 console offers programs and games to motivate itself and an elaborate display of data and graphs. Each user can save their data on a USB key. This rower is aimed as much at the occasional user as at the high level athlete. Its small size when folded allows easy storage. It is suitable up to a maximum of 96.5 cm legs (possibility of extra long monorail beyond). Although it is air, it remains quiet.

If your budget allows, it’s a great choice. 

Strong points

  • Global reference for professionals
  • Powerful, robust, stable
  • Central Chain Draw
  • Perfect ground adhesion
  • Multi-user
  • Easy to store

To improve

  • Price


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