Karunanidhi dead or alive, Rumors, Health Condition Updates

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Karunanidhi dead or alive

At 29th July 2018, DMK’s leader Karunanidhi health condition was very bad. After the news was spread, may of the persons thought Karunanidhi was dead and the people from DMK don’t announce the news. Like that many of the rumors were issued among the state. So, many of the people asking Is karunanidhi dead or live? like that. This article will cover the full details of Karunanidhi health updates & news.

Karunanidhi dead or alive

The reason why Karunanidhi was admitted in the hospital is “slight decline” in his health due to the blood pressure loss. After the doctors diagnosed the problem he was admitted in to Kauvery Hospital. The hospital was located in Chennai. After hearing the news many of the DMK supporters went to Kauvery Hospital and shouting like “Karunanidhi  Vazhga” like that. Many of the people participate early morning prayers to pray for Karunanidhi.

He was 94 years old and he ruled Tamilnadu about some years back. Nut now his health condition was really bad.

The doctors and DMK leader Raja told his health condition is improving and now he is perfectly alight like that. But many of the people don’t believe this. Because former chief minister J Jayalalitha also treated like this and all people told she was perfectly alight. But now where is her? Like that DMK supporters can’t handle this situation. We also don’t know what is happening inside the ICU.

Prime minister Narandra Modi, Rahul Gandhi and many of the Indian political leaders and celebrities wishing him to recover soon. But lets wait and watch what will happen in upcoming days.

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