Monitor your Spouse with BlurSPY Mobile Spy App

Monitor your Spouse with BlurSPY Mobile Spy App

Monitor your Spouse with BlurSPY Mobile Spy App

Cheating is common these days. Whether it be men or women, both do cheating with their partners. Even being married in a relationship, people build relationships with other people. And this is really hurting for the other partner. If we say this is the major reason for breakups and divorce, it will not be wrong.

How People Cheat in Relationships?

Here are some statistics to show the ugly side of cheating.

  • 22% Men whole 14% of women have admitted cheating on their partners.
  • 70% Women don’t know about cheating when their partners are doing.
  • 76% Women and 60% men think sending flirty messages is cheating.
  • Finland topped the counties with 36% of its people cheating partners.
  • Most of the people cheat on business trips, and with co-workers.
  • 40% Online cheating turn into real-life

These stats prove cheating is increasing. With access to the internet and social sites, people don’t mind when they cheat. They flirt with others and never think what their partner will think about it. For them, talking to other people while being in a relationship is not wrong. Whereas the fact is that both men and women hate when their partners cheat on them.

Why People Cheat on Each Other?

When it comes to the reasons for cheating, there are many. Most of the people cheat when they feel they have no interest in their partner. This results when they start fighting, have issues and don’t talk to each other. In arranged marriages, this happens when either partner is not satisfied or happy with the other partner.

Another reason is they are not interested anymore and want to live with someone else. This is a strong reason and makes more sense. People even after living together for years end up with breakups and divorce. They start dating someone else and get married.

How to Catch a Cheating Spouse?

But if they stay in the relationship and still cheat, this is the weirdest thing. It hurts the other partner. This causes further problems at home. The couples start fighting, lose concentration and focus in life, stop going to work and they keep thinking about their partners. This creates a lot of problem for the person who is being cheated.

Many men and women doubt their partners that they might be cheating on them. But they can do nothing. Even they want to put their suspicions to rest after finding the truth. But there is no way for them. They can’t talk to their partners and tell them they have doubts about them. This will create even further issues for both of them.

In such cases, people should use an Android spy app. These types of apps are really good when it comes to monitoring your partners, catch them if they are cheating and fix the problems. A monitoring app can help partners catch their spouse if they are cheating on them. They can check their messages, calls and a lot of other things for their clarity.

Use Call Tapping

Any spouse who doubts their partner can monitor their calls. With BlurSPY, the incoming and outgoing calls can be tracked. Even the app records call and keep them on the dashboard if you want to check some time later. The app can also bug their mic to listen to the voice in surrounding if someone is speaking. These features are really useful to catch someone who is cheating on the partner.

Use Text Monitoring

Most of the people do communication through text messages. If a partner doubts their spouse, they can check their text messages. This feature will clear all the doubts when you will have access to their text messages. If your partner is cheating, you will be able to see their messages with anyone.

Check Instant Messengers

Apart from tapping all incoming and outgoing calls, BlurSPY also allows its users to check the instant messengers. WhatsApp, Messenger, Tik Tok, Instagram, SnapChat, Tinder and all other apps can be monitored. Many people start talking to their partners through these apps. If they are cheating, you will be able to see their conversations and messages. You can even check their multimedia, audios, voice messages and other stuff.

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