How to Pick Sunglasses for Your Face Shape?

How to Pick Sunglasses for Your Face Shape?

How to Pick a Perfect Sunglasses?

A proper sunglass not only protects you from harsh sunlight and UV rays, but also adds up perfection and beauty in your style and fashion. Before purchasing one, you need to choose that sunglass which perfectly suits you by all means. Here are guidelines to choose the perfect glass for you.

A Guide on How to Pick Suitable Sunglasses for yourself:

There are many factors that are considered before selecting sunglasses. Some factors are;

· Protection from UVA/B rays

· Protection from dust and sunlight

· Purpose of use: For sports, fashion, office, business, defense and medical reasons

· Shape and size: There are various shapes and sizes for sunglasses, depending upon the requirements

· Color: Sunglasses cover different colors. Some have specific functions and other are for fashion purpose.

· Type of material in Glass: Sunglasses are made from different materials and before you buy, select that one which you require.

· Type of Body: Sunglasses have different body structure. The bridge gap, temple length and eye size.

· Brand: sunglasses are available in different brands. Most people prefer glasses of the same brand due to various reasons.

For Protection Purpose:

Protection is generally from UV rays or dust and harsh sunlight. The sunglass that you buy should have 99% protection from UVA rays and 95% protection from UVB rays. If you purchase sunglass that is in synchronization with your face and fits on your face, then most likely your eyes will get protection from dust and sunlight.

Purpose of Use:

Sportsmen and defense men generally use thin sized glasses that are reflective in nature. People with medical reasons use dark black fully closed glasses. People for office and business purpose use glasses that fit them and so are for fashion stylists.

Shape and Size:

There are different types of fittings like aviator, wayfarer, square, rimless, semi-rimless, round, wrap, rectangular, oval, pilot, oversized, cat eye, shield, butterfly and goggle. These all types fit depending on the face type.

· Oval Face: Oval type is considered as the perfect face type. Mostly all type of glasses suit on this face type. Avoid wearing too thin and thin sized glass or the glass which is wider than your face.

· Square Face: Use glasses that are round in shape with less thicker borders. Don’t use rectangular shaped. Choose glasses that cover your face well.

· Round Faces: Use glasses with thicker frame and those which are square in shape.

· Long Faces: Choose polygonal shaped and rectangular shaped glasses that cover your face well. Retro and sports type glasses will also be fine.

· Flat Faces: Use dark colored and dark framed glasses that highlight the contour of your face.


Black, blue, brown, grey, yellow, red, violet and green colors are the most common of all.

Type of Material in Glass:

People mostly prefer optical glasses. Apart from this, polycarbonate, NXT polyurethane and acrylic lenses are the other types that are preferred.

Type of Body:

There are plastic frames, metal frames, rubber coated frames, polycarbonate, titanium, nylon and acetate frames that are used depending upon the need.

In common circles, people generally select glasses based on reputed brands, fitting sizes, color, protection, shape and what is trending at a particular time.

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