Spiritual Effects of the Colors We Choose For the Attire

Spiritual Effects of the Colors We Choose For the Attire

We all make choices with regards to color every day. A typical example is selecting a particular color to wear depending on how you are feeling then.  Colors evoke feelings and emotions. They affect the way we are perceived by others and influence our lives more than we may think. Other than our clothing, the color of our home interior like the paint on the walls and the color of our bed sheets also affects us on a subconscious as well as a spiritual level.

Because our clothing remains in close contact with our skin, the colors we choose for it are crucial for regulating our energy frequencies. Yes, different spiritual effects are created by the vibrations of the colors you decide to wear on a given day.

The Trigunas vibrations in colors

All colors are divided into sāttvik, rājasik or tāmasik or spiritual purity, action, and spiritual ignorance. These meanings are derived from the preexisting subtle components of the colors.

The whole universe at sub atomic levels is intangible and is made up of Sattva, Raja, and Tama, the three Trigunas, which are the very fabric of creation. Everything in the universe emits a particular vibration, and these vibrations make Trigunas so unique on a spiritual level.

The Sattva vibration in a person and the Sattvik colors represent purity, knowledge and the personality characteristics of service to humanity. The Raja vibrations in a person yield action, passion – they can push you to pursue personal gain and ambition. The Tama vibrations result in ignorance, inertia and encourage people to harm the society for self-gain.

The Role Of Colors

Each person can have any one of these vibrations. Remember that the vibrations produced by colors can dominate your personality. Surprisingly the color you choose can even influence the way you react to situations and make decisions.

Colors can be used to create various desired effects. For example, Sattvik colors can help you forward with your spiritual practice. The Tama and Raja colors, on the other hand, do the opposite by increasing negative vibrations around you.

Colors like white, which is beyond Sattvik, and yellow and light blue which are also Sattavik, help us improve spiritual purity in our surroundings.

Black which is pure Tamasik, appears on the opposite end of the spectrum. What’s important to note here is that it attracts harmful negative energies and repels positive energy.

Lighter colors like green, pink and orange have a little more of Sattavik properties than Tamasik, Darker colors like brown, purple and gray which attract negativity.

The way colors affect us

There are different ways in which these color energies work. Let’s have a closer look at how white and black colors affect us at a spiritual level.

  • White attracts the flow of the divine law towards the person while black attracts dark energies.
  • White drives divine energies towards the heart while the color ‘black’ only accumulates dark energies in our mind which ultimately influence our thinking.
  • ‘Black’ clothing also attracts illusionary energies also called Mayavi. White as you can guess, helps draw bliss and divine consciousness. Remember that energies accumulated inside your brain and body are ultimately released into the environment.
  • When you wear black, your energy centers or chakras get blocked. This is one reason black and other darker color trigger negative feelings and energy. When you wear white clothing, the positive and divine energy moves through your body and is emitted into the environment.

While vibrations produced by colors affect our energy, some other factors also determine the influence of colors. These include your spiritual level, personality, state of mind at a given time, susceptibility to negative energies and of course, the type of fabric you select.

Why do we wear certain colors and what’s the best choice of color for spiritual progression?

Some people have particular preferences for some colors and a disliking for other colors. And they have their own reasons. Some people like colors based on the way they look on their skin tone. Some people choose different colors depending on their mood or lifestyle requirements.

For example, black is often a wardrobe basic for people because of its functionality in professional environments.

Culture, media, fashion, weather, and sociological factors like religion also at times dictate a person’s preference of one color over another. There are also spiritual instincts that come into play. People usually prefer colors based on their nature. For example, individuals with a Sattavik nature will prefer Sattavik colors while people who have a Tamasik nature would prefer Tamasik colors.

It’s preferable that you wear colors like white and lighter shades of the colors yellow and blue. After all, the theory of colors says that the vibrations produced by colors can affect a person positively and negatively on an emotional, psychological and physical level depending on the color they choose.

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