Top 5 Dangerous Social Networking and IM Apps for Teenagers

Top 5 Dangerous Social Networking and IM Apps for Teenagers

The dangers of the internet and social media for kids, teens, and even adults are not behind the scenes.

It is the need of the hour to remain aware of what is out there to protect our children from bullying, sexual harassment, victimization, pornography exposure, narcissism and much more.

The digital media apps come with threatening stories, dozens of cases happened every week in the whole world.

sometimes we have heard that a number of teenagers lost their lives by taking selfies at dangerous places, the young girl committed suicide  due to bullied online and also reports have revealed that location could be compromised by teens by posting the status along with the location and other circumstances which enable the gangsters and rappers to their evils.

Therefore, parents need to take care of their young kids and teens when they are using multiple social networking apps. Because your negligence put there into danger and the results could be worst. What should we do to spy young kids and teens to monitor the dangerous IM’s apps to protect the young beloved ones?

The modern technology is the ultimate tool to stop the modern technology issues. You can use cell phone monitoring app to keep an eye on your teen’s activities all day and can view all the IM’s activities accurately and effectively.

Since kids are spending more time on social media, it has become an attractive place for the bullies to interact with them and even identify their location.  There are some truly dangerous and trendy social media Instant Messengers which parents need to know about and they can monitor through cell phone spy app.


Tinder is a dating app allowing a person to create a profile and see photos of potential romantic matches in your surroundings. If two people like each other, they can have a conversation through this app and possibly hook up. Again sharing photos and meeting strangers is something that you won’t consider safe for your kid.

Tinder claims to have an age verification system and children fewer than 18 are banned from using this app. The only way to use this app is to have a Facebook account with a birth date that shows the user is 18 or above. Unsurprisingly, Facebook allows you to set any birth date you want, so the age verification system of Tinder is not so reliable. Parents should realize that the teens that are not above the age of 18 should be stopped from using the Tinder dating app.

Kik Messenger

Kik Messenger is an Instant Messaging application letting you text photos, videos, and sketches to individuals or groups. With more than 100 million users, this app has become a major platform for sexting and sending porns. It is free of cost instant messaging platform for young teenagers. Therefore, young users have to be prevented from these social messaging apps. Because the instant messenger cannot be able to control the carnal content on this platform and there will be high chances of having eye contact with teens with the pornographic material. These evils things are very dangerous for non-adults.

Reportedly, most of the classified ads for sex on Reedit and other sites are placed using the Kik username. Moreover, this app is not offering any parental control and there is no way to verify the authenticity of the user making it easier for the bullies to target teens and tweens.


Snapchat is a picture messaging application that allows you to send photos and videos that will automatically get deleted seconds after the receiver view them. Sounds interesting! Isn’t it? But this app also has a dark face that you really won’t like.

This app claims to make sending racy photos and videos safe because these are self-destructive and the receiver cannot store or distribute them. Unfortunately, this claim is mock. It is very easy for someone to take a screenshot of your multimedia message before it gets deleted. In past, various cases have been reported against teenage boys capturing and distributing illegal photos sent to them by underage girls through Snapchat. So, there is not any doubt that social messaging app’s picture does not always disappear.

Apart from naked realities of sexting, many teens use the messenger for innocent picture conversation and its other fun features. But still, it is a big concern that cannot be snubbed and In short, Kik Messenger is an unsafe app, so keep your kid away from it.


Whisper is a confession app allowing a user to share their feelings and thoughts posting photos and text anonymously. Such apps can help people unburden themselves, but it can put your child in an adverse situation if he/she reveals too much.

Whisper shares secret based on geographic location, so the users nearest to your location are more likely to see your secret and there might be a bully in your surroundings. This app can be more harmful when a person persecuting your child moves from online to in-person mistreatment. A person in Washington was convicted of raping a 12-year-old girl he met on this app a year before.

Yik Yak

Yik Yak is a social networking site allowing a user to post text up to 200 characters visible to 500 Yakkers close to that person’s location. Unfortunately, teens are contributing and exposing to sexually explicit content and personal attacks on this app. Just putting text all day long on the platform could be time wasting for teens. Young kids start chatting and then texting which ultimately change into sexting. So, the app is very terrible for teen’s bright future.

This app is being used to spread rumors mostly by the bullies who take advantage of anonymity and hurt people staying behind the screen.


If your kids are using any of these social media and IM apps ask them to show you how they are using it. Make sure they are communicating with the people they know and it is always in their mind that once something is on the internet, it will remain there forever.

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