A Tour to coolest place – Tourists invading Ooty

A Tour to coolest place – Tourists invading Ooty

Pykara lake

On the one side of the burning sun’s heat … the heat of the heat is on the other side … from the summer of “cruelty,” some time to get rid of the rest of the summer resort, the tourists are breathing, the hot summer breeze, the bathing enters the mountain, enters the mountain passage The “glue, glue” drops of sweat Getaway, tourists are going to be impressed. When you go to the feed and relax, and in the evenings, “Walking,” they will be able to see the cold air scorching in the air, for the first time, to buy sweaters and caps. Here are some of the places to visit in Ooty.

Ooty Botanical Garden: In the Botanic Zoo created in 1845, there are about 3000 plant species of 120 families. There are 144 trees, 350 species of roses, 60 rat Teliai, 30 class cladades, 150 species of cacti, “dinosaur” term “gingoipalabah” tree. The grass floor of the park is set up in the “Kyu” park of London, where you can get your feelings on the coconut, where thousands of tourists come and enjoy the day.

Boat House: Ooty Lake, created in the year 1823, is maintained by the Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation. There are 318 boats in the lake on the 65-acre lake. Children’s Park is set up at the lake to attract children. The honey boat house on the lake of the lake has facilities including a children park. There are horses for Horse riding too. Depending on the lagoon, the deer can be seen in the deer park maintained by the Forest Department. Tourists visiting the place are not allowed here. The travelers are well aware that travelers can not complete the tour, if they return to booth and return without boating. As a result, the crowd waves up here. 

Dodabetta Peak:  Dodabetta Peak, the highest peak in South India at 2,623 meters above sea level, is a spectacular sight to the audience, here is the Telescope of Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation, we are able to see Ooty, Coonoor, Wellington, Kunda, Coimbatore, Karnataka, and Kerala.

Pykara Lake: The open water in the Pykara dam is the water that flows in the rocks. Pykara Lake is just a kilometer away from the falls. On behalf of Tamilnadu Tourism Development Corporation, boat rides are left. With the tearing water, speeding, “Speed Boat” (high-speed ferry) is only in this lake, the padded information for tourists.

Sims Park: In Coonoor, Sims park was created in 1874, is a haven for over 1,200 rare species of trees. There are only 27 types of camphor trees. The 104 year old elephant trees, the Rudraksha, the Paper, the Turbine, the Jegunda, the Keemalia, the Acehia are the oldest trees in the park. Interspersed with beautiful flower parade, tourists find these trees between the parks. Ooty Travels will guide you through these places.
“dolphins Nose” Visual:  From the 5 km away from Sims park you can see Lem’s rock, the 2 km of the dolphin’s nose edges of the display visible from 6,000 feet deep valley views, Giving the audience a “thrill” experience. 

Kodanadu View Tip: From the tower which is at the top of the Kodadadu viewpoint in Kotagiri, forests and fields will be a spectacular view of the eyes. Through the Telescope, we are able to see the historic Zujal Fort, the Alirani Fort, and the beauty of the Tangkumarhada village, which can be found in the view of the ‘Mayarru’ River which is composed of the Bhavani Sagar River in the Nilgiri hills. ” 

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